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Audit is more than the legally stipulated attestation. No matter if annual audit and group audit or special audit services and attestations, objective opinions of external auditors enhance the reliability of information for all decision makers. As well the audit of IFRS group accounts or IFRS-Packages to the parent company are part of our business activities.

Our audit approach focuses on enhancing value: “We audit the past and counsel you to create the future”.


  • Audit of annual-, interim- or group accounts according to HGF and IFS
  • Audit of IFRS-Packages
  • Review of business documents
  • Implementation of due diligence
  • Evaluation of a company
  • Special audits for legal or optional reasons
  • Internal revision

Contrary to the big audit companies we offer you as well in the field of auditing consistency and in the long run the same contact person. This reduces your internal investment and grants that the audit will take place in an optimum way.